Research on Reform Curricula
Responding to Calls for Change in High School Mathematics
How high school reform, particularly the Core-Plus curriculum, prepares students for college
Standards-Based School Mathematics Curricula: What Are They? What Do Students Learn?
A synthesis of research on "reform curricula"
Assessing the Impact of Standards-Based Middle Grades Mathematics Curriculum Materials on Student Achievement
Study from Journal of Research in Mathematics Education using a quasi-experimental design to compare students in districts using "reform" curricula with students in matched districts using traditional materials
The ARC Tri-State Student Achievement Study
Summary of a study outlining a comparison of schools using NSF-funded elementary curricula to schools using traditional curricula
Impact of Standards-Based Mathematics Curricula in Massachusetts
Excellent study from Journal of Research in Mathematics Education using a quasi-experimental design to show that schools using reform curricula outperformed matched schools
Effects of Standards-Based Mathematics Education: A Study of the Core-Plus Mathematics Project
Study of Algebra and Functions Strands in the Core-Plus high school curriculum, published in the Journal of Research in Mathematics Education
Research on "Reform" Curricula
A compilation of evaluation studies published by the NSF-sponsored curriculum projects
Success Stories
TIMSS-R Results In Ontario
Implementation of a new curriculum leads to positive gains on TIMSS
Big City Schools Show Success
Standards-based reform projects in major cities produce positive gains for students
The Philadelphia Story
A report on the success that Philadelphia is having in implementing a reform high school mathematics curriculum
The Michigan Invitational Group
Students using reform math are tops in the nation on TIMSS-R
Elementary Grades Implementation Stories
Success stories about districts using reform curricula, collected by the ARC Center
Middle Grades Implementation Stories
Success stories about districts using reform curricula, collected by the Show-Me Center
Other Research
National Assessment of Educational Progress 2003

Latest national testing shows signficant gains since 1990

A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Calculators

Calculators promote student learning.

When Learning No Longer Matters
This study considers the inequities that are created by standardized tests
Traditional and 'Reform' Mathematics

A comparison of two English schools shows traditional instruction does not prepare students well for life... or for standardized tests!

Teaching Really Does Matter!
Students learning with hands-on activities outperform their peers. Highlights from an ETS report.
National Trends in Mathematics
A report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows "consistent and steady" gains in mathematics since 1973.
Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics

Report from the National Research Council making the case from research that mathematical proficiency requires both understanding and skills... and much more.

Analysis of Research
Rise in NAEP Math Scores Coincides with NCTM Standards
Coincidence? Or might the NCTM Standards actually be having an impact?
Mathematics Education and 'Scientific' Research
Editorial making the case that the weight of evidence is on the side of reform.
The SAT Gap
Article from New York Times outlining the progress that has been made in mathematics education, relative to reading, over the past decade
The Role of Research
Where's The Evidence?
An interesting discussion of how research is playing out in the "Math Wars"
Relationships Between Research and the NCTM Standards
An effective discussion by Jim Hiebert, a leading researcher, of the evidence supporting the Standards, as well as what research cannot tell us.
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